Polysemous Part 8 of 10: Barter


I sometimes did things that I did not fully understand. I would find myself in certain places, doing certain things, without any particular reason. I thought it to be a little insane of me to have that habit, but it had always been a part of me. I remember doing it as a child. I remember doing it in high school. And there I was, still doing it in university. However, I was not always lost. I…

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Polysemous Part 7 of 10: Lolita’s Vice

Dark trees

I sat at my desk, the computer screen flashing a rotating badge in the corner of my eye. I had not looked up at the screen for a few minutes, allowing the screensaver to take over. I chuckled inwardly at the thought of screensavers. Nobody used screensavers anymore. Screensavers were old-fashioned and outdated. I had become old-fashioned and outdated for quite a while, too. I had not come to…

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Polysemous Part 6 of 10: A Jester of Sorts


Like a cobra mesmerised by the smooth swaying of a flute, I watched as the ceiling fan overhead whirred in perpetual motion. My head rested heavily on my hands and I blinked only every few seconds in line with the odd looping of the cycles. I had a lot on my mind, but nothing at the same time. I had sunken deep into a world of bad things happening around me, but that was the thing; those things…

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Polysemous Part 5 of 10: The Venice of the North


My awakening was slow and lethargic. It felt as if I were fighting my way out of the deepest sleep imaginable. The first thing I realised was that I was breathing. My breathing was heavy and calm. It was an unnatural calm, but a calm nonetheless. My airways were unhindered as slow and desperate gushes of life flowed through them. My body was an old machine; ungraciously fighting the kinks of…

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Polysemous Part 4 of 10: Before the Phoenix

Ash Heart

I woke up when I felt a studded pair of nails graze my upper lip. At first, I moved my head to the side in protest, but the fingers remained. I forced my eyes open against the thunderstorm that was going on in my head. Through a painfully blurry haze, I discovered that I was on a couch in the Thompson house. Some girl lay topless next to me, her arm resting above her head uncomfortably. I lifted…

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