What’s up with confusing singular and plural Latin and Greek words?


It is often difficult to figure out whether words we’ve borrowed from Greek and Latin are singular or plural.

Here is a list of a few such words: 



  1. Outside technical and scientific contexts, data can be used as either a singular or plural noun.
  2. For forum, podium, and curriculum, it is better to turn them into plural words by adding an “s”; usage shows that forums, podiums, and curriculums are much more popular than their more “sophisticated” counterparts.
  3. We left out medium on purpose, because it can refer to so many different things: agency of action, method, psychic, compromise, etc. Consult a dictionary for clarification. (Both mediums and media can be its plural form.)
  4. The SAT actually tests these words (excluding forum, podium, and curriculum and their plurals), so it pays to learn this now.


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